Dog Grooming in Yorba Linda, CA

Get your dog looking it's best with our Full Service Grooming.

Full Service Grooming Includes:
Premium Shampoo
Blow Dry
Nail Clipping & Dremel©
Ear Cleaning
Anal Gland Expression
Brush out
Sanitary Clip
Haircuts and Trimming
(Prices vary by breed, size and coat condition)

Grooming Add-Ons:
Tooth Brushing $5-10
Flea Shampoo $5-10
Color Dying (Price Varies)
Flea Treatment (Price Varies)

A La Carte:
Nail Trimming & Dremel© $5-10
Anal Gland Expression $5-10
Feather Extensions $5-10
Hydro-Therapy Spa:Timed Sessions (10, 15 or 20 Minutes)
Essential Oil Additives
Calming - Arthritis - Skin Condition